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​This young band from the southern part of Germany (the lovely area of Franken to be precise) is going from strong to stronger! I think it´s absolutely amazing what they have achieved in such a short period of time and this album (their second by the way) is absolute killer!! The songwriting is outstanding, the musical arrangements are perfect and Caro´s voice is absolutely brilliant! On this 13 track album (only one cover by the way) you´ll find pure wild Rockers like “Jungle King”, “Real Good Man” or “Hole In My Heart”, boppin´Blues (“By My Side”, “Can´t Let You Go”), beautiful ballads (“I´ll Find A Way”, “Pretty Baby””), a Surf Style instrumental called “Lift Off” (makes a great Jiver by the way), a great take on Patsy Cline's ”Got A Lot Of Rhythm In My Soul” (killer rockin' Country guitar by Basti!), a wild black R&B shouter called “I´m Gonna Leave You” (KILLER!). The last two tracks “You´ve Done Me Wrong” and “I´m Going Down” show a clear influence of Marlene and her Rhythm Shakers. There is nothing wrong with it, both songs are absolute stunning! I guess it´s not rocket science to figure out that I rate this young band very high. A 5 Star killer album by a very, very talented band, what more could you want?? Okay, a vinyl version of the album would be fantastic… DJ Wildgoner


​Carolina & Her Rhythm Rockets

“By My Side”

Rhythm Bomb RBR 5806 – CD


​Here´s another band that rocked the Rockabilly Rave stage, this time from Brazil! Yes, I never heard a Hepcat Rockabilly band from this country before and they are really great! Their sound can best be described as early Rockabilly, deeply rooted in Hillbilly and mid 50's Country. This is as far as I know their second album (have to get the first one by the way) and this drum-less trio delivers a very fine and authentic sound. Seven songs of the 12 in total were written by the band and they do fit perfectly in their style and sound. Really glad to see that these boys covered one of my favorite songs from the Jack Rhodes song book called “Eternity”! Check out tracks like “We´re Gonna Have A Good Time”, “Black Coffee”, “Brunette And Blonde”, “Call Me” (one of my favorite tracks on the album) or “Rollin´ Till The Night”. If you only like your Rockabilly on the very wild side this is probably not the album for you, all the others should give the boys a listen as soon as possible, I dig them!

DJ Wildgoner


​Mystery Trio

“After The Rooster Crows”

Rhythm Bomb Records (no number) – CD


The Kabooms absolutely blew me away when they played this year's Rockabilly Rave. The band hails from Spain and consists of Matt Olivera on vocals, El Lega (one of Europes finest guitar players!), Javier Carrasco (doghouse bass) and Alex Granero (drums) and they play in an authentic 50´s Rockabilly / Rock´n´Roll style.  Sometimes their sound reminds me of the sadly missed Boston Rockers the Racketeers.  This is their debut album, all of the 14 tracks were written by the band. I played it already several times and I am still amazed about the quality of the songs, the album rocks from start to finish! Check out stuff like “Beggin´ On My Knees”, “Johnny Rocket”, “Pretty Baby”, the strollin´ ”Let´s Do It”, “One More Time”, “My Baby Don´t Bop” etc. Without a shadow of a doubt one of the very best acts from Spain and I´m sure you will see the boys on many rockin´ weekenders around the world very soon. Buy the album and have a ball, simply great!!! 

DJ Wildgoner


The Kabooms


Rhythm Bomb Records RBR 5807 – CD

​Johnny Legend, real name Martin Margulies, is one of the main figures of the US Rockabilly Revival from the early part of the 70's.  Also known for his involvement in the world of wrestling and putting many 50's / 60's B-films back to the public mind he is better known as Rockabilly Rasputin to his many fans. To be honest, listening to these tracks after all those years (bought some of his records in the 80s, listened to them, taped a few and stored them away) it´s often a different sound from what I am listening to today. Way back in the 70´s that Rollin´ Rock sound was considered to be authentic American Rockabilly and Rockabilly, but today´s standards and tastes are a lot different to those in the early 70's.  Remember, this is the beginning of the revival of the US Rockabilly scene!  It´s nearly a decade before the likes of the Stray Cats hit it big.  For me it´s a very funny thing that my favorite Johnny Legend tracks are still the same as in the 80's : “Are You Hep To It”, his cover of the Charlie Rich stroller “Midnight Blues” or the Western movie styled “Night Bird”, the Doo Wop-ish  tracks “Brand New Baby” (he actually has a good voice for Doo Wop / teen balldads) ,  “Long Lonely Hours”, “No Escape”, “California Rockabilly”, his strollin´version of “Justine”, “Instead of Me”, the risqué “Mad Dog Mama” or his version of “Ramblin´Man”. As far as I see on this 29 track CD you own most of his recordings for Ronnie Weisers´ Rollin´ Rock label. His original vinyls cut for Rollin´ Rock and Honeymoon Records are becoming very scarce nowadays, so it´s a fine thing to have some of his best stuff on one album. It gets even better because Part Records decided to put this material out on the proper vinyl format!!  Great booklet with rare pictures and liner notes from Wild Bob Burgos, Ray Campi, Jimmie Lee Maslon, Ronnie Weiser, Rip Masters and J. Sebastian Strauss.  If you´d like to find out how the revival of the US Rockabilly scene really started way back in the 70's, get this.                     DJ Wildgoner


​Johnny Legend

“The Rollin´Rock Recordings”

Part Records CD Part – CD 61 18.001


​Another weekender in Germany, this time in Leipzig in the eastern part of Germany . This weekender is growing very fast and always attracts a good amount of Hepcats and Kittens because a good amount of the bands are playing in an authentic  50's rockin´  style like B & The Bops, Twisted Rod, Starliters , Marcel Riesco, Rockin´ Bonnie, Bill Fadden,  the Wise Guys, the Hidden Charms or the Swedish Rockabilly King Jack Baymoore.  Also the Jump´n´Jive lovin´crowd  will have plenty to dance and listen to with one of the main acts, Mike Sanchez, Jumpin´ Up from Italy (saw them once, great band I have to admit)  the Berlin Boys of Cherry Casino and UK R&B queen Sister Cookie. This weekender also has  it´s Boogie Woogie type fraction doin´ their routines at the dance floor but most of the bands are Rockabilly Hepcat bands you would expect at Weekenders like the Rockabilly Rave, Hemsby or the Rockabilly Rockout. Great CD and a German weekender well worth checking out while on your next European trip. (https://www.firebirds-festival.de/).            DJ Wildgoner

P.S. Talking about the Las Vegas Rockout: How could it happen that Tom Ingram  had to cancel this event? The fact that thousands and thousands of “Rockabilly-styled” people go to the Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender and only  approx. 100 kats´n´kittens (thru the end of July) were interested in goin´ to a proper Rockabilly event with a top line-up but without those Burlesque and fashion shows?? This makes we wonder what is wrong here. A very sad day for the US rockin´scene, nuff said!

DJ Wildgoner

​Firebirds Festival 2015

“Various artists”

Part Records CD PART 650.019

​​This is already the 16th edition of one of the biggest German Rock´n´Roll Weekenders (Southern part of Germany near Heidelberg to be precise). The 4 days are always jam packed with bands from the different genres of our music like Neo Rockabilly, lots of Jump and Jive, Doo Wop, Hillbilly, Bluegrass, Blues and a bit of authentic Rockabilly. Also the DJ's are very , very Jump and Jive oriented so this weekender always pulls a big amount of the Jitterbug, Lindy Hop and Jive fraction. It became a familiar thing for most of the weekenders at the moment to promote themselves with special CD compilations packed with bands who  have played there. This year also the Jump and Jive people had lots of bands to dance their routines to like 44 Shakedown, Dirty Mac & the Filthy Five, CC Jerome and his Savoys, the Hot Jumpin´6 or Rusty Pinto, who seems to have changed from his fantastic authentic bluesy Rockabilly style to Jump´n´Jive and Rock´n´Roll. Don´t get me wrong here folks, “Shirley” is done very well by Rusty but his unique voice from his early period is not there anymore (at least on this recording). Don´t worry, there are some treats for the more  authentic Rockabilly / Hillbilly oriented kats´n´kittens like the Tupelo Highshots with a very good version of “I Hear You Talkin´”,Wheels Fargo & The Nightingale with “My Hillbilly Boys”, purer late 50's stlye Rock´n´Roll with Emmy Lou & The Rhythm Boys, “Careful Baby” by Billy & The Two Tones , John Lewis & His Trio with “She´s Long Gone” or the Rockabilly Rasputin himself, Mr. Johnny Legend with his classic “Raunchy Tonk”. Have to admit that the wild version of “Heart Of A Fool” by Neo-Rockabilly / Psychobilly band “Out Of Luck” is really good (and not a million miles away from what I am listening to). Really dig the Crystalairs version of “Dream Lover” done in German language as “Tagträumer”, great White Doo Wop Sound with a difference. If you are planning to visit Heidelberg why not stay a few days longer and try out this weekender, you´ll find all the info on facebook (https://de-de.facebook.com/WalldorfWeekender). 

DJ Wildgoner


​The Walldorf Rock´n´Roll Weekender  2015

“Various artists”

Part Records CD PART 650.018


​Charlie Thompson

"The Foothill Sesssions“

Fairlane Records FCD 001 – CD

​I´m always pleased to see a new record by the UK´s King of rockin´ Hillbilly music, Mr. Charlie Thompson! This killer album was purchased at the Rave (the best Rockabilly Weekender ever!!),  recorded by Wally Hersom at his Wallyphonic Studio in Pasadena, CA and the sound is absolutely killer!! Diggin´ deep in the historic 50's Hillbilly and Country recordings by the likes of Luke McDaniel, Carl Butler, Jimmy Logsdon and many others good ole´ Charlie only used the best musicians for his recordings and  so you´ll find Dave Stuckey, Jeremy Wakefield, TK Smith, Wally Hersom himself, Carl Sonny Leyland and Bobby Furgo on this record! Okay, you´ll have to love those rockin´Hillbilly sounds (and some killer ballads) to fully appreciate it but if you are open minded to this music ( as I am since my childhood days ) you will absolutely love it and play it over and over again. The artwork  of that CD is also killer so what are you waiting for? Check out tracks like “Goin' Like Wildfire”, “We´re Buggin´Out”, “Boogie Blues”  or his version of Carl Butler´s the beautiful ballad “A Blue Million Tears” and have a good old fashioned Hillbilly Hoedown.  It´ s an amazing album with a fantastic vintage sound.  Eat your heart out Nashville Stetson Hats, this is the real stuff!!!           DJ Wildgoner

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