Do You Love that 1960's Rock´n´Roll Jiver “El Camino Real” recorded by the sadly missed Lee Dresser? Then folks it´s high time to check out this little gem, recorded 1966. “Secret Agent Man” was the title track for the CBS TV show “Secret Agent” and the similarity to “El Camino Real” is really amazing. Wonder if Lee Dresser was a fan of this TV show, guess we´ll never find out. The record here is the English pressing with a different flipside, the US version came out on Imperial and it is very easy to find on the US Ebay for very little money. The flipsides on both versions are both non-rockin´, so no use lookin´ for a special copy. If you love the Lee Dresser song you have to have this also, believe me!

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​Johnny Rivers

“Secret Agent Man / Tom Dooley”

Liberty Records LIB 12023 – Vinyl 45


BLast From The Past

This was Johnny´s second R&B record, done way back in 2006. Here we´ll get many different styles of vintage R&B and Blues from the early 50's to the very early 60's. Great guitar work here, also the backing musicians are top notch to give the album a warm and full 50's sound.  Check out tracks like “Give It Up”, “My Baby Ain´t Home” (a great Blues Shouter style number, backed with harmonica ), “Hi-Tail, Then Boogie”, the Country Blues style Of “Alabama Woman Blues”, “Love Me (feat. Amy Latka on vocals) or the title track of the album. You still can get a copy on his website by the way: ( ) A great album for all you R&B devotees, check it out!

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​Johnny Carlevale

“That Ain´t No Way To Spend A Friday Night”

14 Track album

Many of you lot out there will know Johnny Carlevale & The Rollin´ Pins, they are playing a fabulous wild late 50's style Rock´n´Roll which we Hepcats dig so much. Johnny is also a big fan of Blues and Rhythm& Blues from the 40's and 50's and on this little platter you´ll get exactly that. The emphasis on this little dittie (recorded 2005) is on the uptempo and rockin´ side of R&B, but he also convinces with the balladesque “Cool Down Baby[DB1] ”. I guess this band is doing very well on the Jive & Swing circuit, I guess they also would do very well at the English Rhythm Riot festival. Check out his web page for more information:

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Johnny Carlevale


5 track EP

Mark Gamsjager & his Lustre Kings have been around for quite some time now and this is their latest offering. The band plays in a proper Rock´n´Roll and Rockabilly style but does not have that very authentic sound most of the Hepcat bands go for. While sticking to Rockabilly classics like “I´m Through”, “Can´t Find The Dooknob”, “Try Me” or “Boogie Woogie Country Girl” (okay, actually a Big Joe Turner number but covered by Rockabilly artists now and then) they also venture out in stuff like Santo and Johnny´s “Sleepwalk” (I love that song by  the way) , Neil Sedaka's “Fallin´” ( also done by Connie Francis and Wanda Jackson ) plus a very soulful version of the Elvis / Ann-Margaret  duet “You´re The Boss” complete with an early 60's style organ!  Also you´ll find a bit of proper 50's Country in their sound, check out their version of “First Train Heading South” or “You Don´t Know My Mind”.  It´s a kool album with different rockin´ styles, very well produced. Check em´out on 

DJ Wildgoner


The Lustre Kings

“Go Green"

Wild Boar Records CD 1244


​Brand new album by Almon Loos , this time with his new band Silvertooth Loos & The Witch. This stuff is on the wild side, let me tell you! Taking his influences from wild Rockabilly, savage Southern Swamp Rock´n´Roll, early 60's garage punk etc. the boys created their very own style, simply called “Witch Music”.  All of the 13 tracks were written by Almon and all rock like hell, kinda like some of the stuff you were able to find on 80's comps like “Desperate Rock´n´Roll” or “Songs The Cramps Told Us” with screaming vocals and hard hitting guitars. Some tracks make me think of the sadly missed Screaming Lord Sutch, Canadian Rockabilly Bad Boy Bloodshot Bill, the early Playboys or even the very early Meteors. To be honest, this is not your average 50's Rockabilly / Rock´n´Roll album, it´s different and the band has their very own WILD style. If you think Rock´n´Roll music has died on the 3rd of February 1959,  don´t buy this album.  If you are open minded to wild, early 60's savage rockin´sounds with screaming vocals give the boys a listen, you won´t be disappointed: Witch Music Is Here To Stay! Oh, is there a band in California  UK top drummer  Ricky McCann  isn´t connected to??

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​Silvertooth Loos & The Witch

“Witch Music”

Loos Records – CD

​August 15' Record Review PT2​

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